Monday, November 3, 2008

Here is the 1st page to the as of now unfinished comic I started (several years ago) to tell the tale of me and my first love with a Dodge Dart. I have taken some cartoony liberties with the story. In real life, my dad and I both went to C 4 C that day. I would love to finish this episode, color and all and then move on to the other Darts in my life. Also, this page features Bettie, my VW Cabriolet (and one helluva little car). I loved her too. Enjoy this 1st installment:


I'm still "working" on the wagon. I have yet to find a machine shop due to my lack of looking for one. I guess I've been too lazy or too tired from riding the bike all day. Must...not..lose...momentum...ugh.

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