Monday, December 1, 2008

The Beat Goes On...

Many moons have passed since I first started my head gasket replacement job on Lucy, the wagon. Yesterday my pops & I were coming down the home stretch. We had gotten the head back on w/ new gasket, rocker arm shaft & push rods in place and then torqued it all down to spec. The sun was getting low in the sky and our energy was getting low too but we really wanted to get the exhaust manifolds back on as well. We ran into a memory lapse. Even though I bagged all of the nuts & bolts as they came off and kept them separated, there was bit of confusion. The machine shop guy told me I should replace the bent studs on the head. I had John helping me one day and asked him to remove the old studs so we could get new ones. After he was done, we had more holes than old studs & I couldn't remember how many were there to begin with! We ordered a box of studs, more than enough to fill all the holes and I kindof forgot about it. When my pops & I were trying to mount the manifold we had difficulty aligning it. Suddenly it dawned on me, maybe some of those studs aren't supposed to be there!

We were too tired to continue and I ended up doing some searching on the inter-web for some better pics than my manual has. I came up with this gem of an article:

I think we can do it!

Now I also found this:

This abomination just gave me a stomach ache.

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