Monday, February 8, 2010

Happily Mistaken

Hello!  I have an announcement!  I have started up a new blog called I HEART EVERYTHING that chronicles my passion for finding and collecting awesome stuffs.  As of now I'll be updating both blogs but I am considering merging the two together because there will be a lot of crossover topics and I HEART EVERYTHING will encompass them both.  So, if you are one of my few but beloved followers, please add I.H.E. to your blog roll as well.  You won't be disappointed!

This post is a crossover post, both about Lucy and the aforementioned collecting.  This weekend I hit up an Estate sale that was advertising 1/2 off all items under $50.  I scored a mid-century wire patio chair and a mish-mash mid century craft table, which you can read more about on I.H.E.   The only thing better than the score of the items was the conversation I had with a passerby.  After I loaded the items into the back of the wagon and shut the tailgate, a guy approached me and asked if I owned an antique shop.  I figured it was just because of my excellent taste in wacky junk, lol but it was because of the lettering I put on the back of the wagon.  My tailgate has custom lettering that reads Diamond in the Rust and has a link to this blog.

"Diamond in the Rust" is my own personal moniker that sums up the feeling I have towards a lot of my possessions.  A lot of the stuff I love the most is junky and old but has an undeniable potential that shines through.  To me, nothing exemplifies that more than my wagon Lucy.  The guy said he figured it was the name of my shop.  Let me tell you what a fantasy of mine it would be to have my own shop!  I told him that no, I don't own a shop but that instead I just love old junk!  He then proceeded to tell me he was looking for some copper mugs from a restaurant in LA in the 60's.  I told him I had never seen anything like that but still gave him some suggestions on where to look for that type of thing.  Turns out he was looking for these:
A "Moscow Mule" is a type of drink and the cup is from the Cock'n'Bull bar in Hollywood.  You can read about here: Cocktail Atlas 

Neat Huh?  Thanks Internets!

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